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HouseDraft Extras

If you've run into a bug and can't do anything in your tournament, use this link to clear out your tournament records and start over.

Sample Hand Generator

Here's a handy web-based tool to help you test a decklist by showing you examples of what your starting hand might look like.

countcards script

When I'm building decks, I save them in text format and run this short Perl script on them to save myself the trouble of counting how many cards are in them.

Your command line to run the script will look something like:

perl countcards.perl deckname.txt

Or, to exclude the sideboard and just count the cards in the main deck:

perl countcards.perl -s deckname.txt

Or, to count only the cards in the sideboard (the word "Sideboard" on a line by itself marks the beginning of the sideboard):

perl countcards.perl -S deckname.txt